When I went to the Baltimore Comic Convention a few weeks ago I flew from Portland Maine to Philadelphia Pennsylvania on a plane that experienced more turbulence than any of the flights in Die Hard 2: Die Harder. I clung to my complimentary barf bag and closed my eyes for the entire hour and a half flight hoping that my previously ingested breakfast bar and pop tart (kindly supplied by my Washington Academy cafeteria food stipend) wouldn’t decorate my Side By Side hoodie on its way back up.

Thankfully I wasn’t required to do an extra load of bile covered laundry or use the bag for its intended purpose. As I always do, I stole the bag from the airplane and used it as a book mark for about a week. A few days ago I plucked it from my “sketch stash” and started drawing on it. Since I’m home for my first ever sick day from work with some weird sore-throat-voice-crippling disease I figured today would be a good day to post it.

Part 1 (I should have been listening to Nsync when I drew it):

Part 2 (makes me feel like I should be a professional scrap booker):

1)I was informed yesterday that some people have been having trouble registering for my site. I went through and switched things around so anyone and everyone should be able to create an account and post comments. Be warned that all comments should be appropriate for all ages and must be moderated through me first. If your posts contain vulgar language, inappropriate comments about other people, discriminatory remarks, or anything of the sort they will not make it onto my site. With that said please don’t hesitate to sign up and join the fun. The more the merrier.

2) Yesterday I created my first animation in a very long time. To be completely honest I don’t have much faith in it but none the less it will be posted in the near future.

Thanks Again For The Visit,
Ryan Zlomek

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