I finally sold out! No, I’m still straight edge BUT I now have my own personalized business card. What’s not to love? I have had them less than eight hours and already have an offer to photograph a wedding (a terrifying concept) and design someone’s business card for their business. At this rate I’ll be retired by 28 while living on my own private island.

Stay Tuned! Corporate sponsors are coming soon (I’m looking at you Warner Brothers).

Stay Lovely Fellow Marketable Artists,
Ryan Zlomek

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  1. Oh Ross, do you ever take a moment to enjoy creations made by other people rather than just try to find flaws? It must be an emotionally exhaustive activity.

    I felt that my color spectrum properly displayed my uncertain mindset while taking the picture. Can I still live a life full of hardcore ideals while also promoting myself professionally? Listen to an In My Eyes album, ask yourself the same question, then come back for further arguments.

    ***Please Note That Ross Is My Student Who Constantly Reminds Me He Had A DSLR Before I Did***

  2. I do, I do. I simply consider critique to be a manner of influencing the work of a particular artist in order to render it more enjoyable for others (and myself) in the future. As for it being emotionally exhausting – well, think of it as emotional exercise, like running on a mental path paved with crushed dreams and crying children, pacing yourself with the hoarse cadence of sobbing artists looking upon their work with a newfound harsh perspective.

    The color palette you have chosen does not display an uncertain mindset so much as it reminds me of a cup of Arabica coffee (two creams, no sugar). Although the caffeinated, jittery emotions invoked by this association may help add to the intended indecisive effect, said association will most likely not be that reached by the majority of viewers. Yes, it is certainly possible to live up to the ideals of the hardcore lifestyle while promoting yourself professionally – simply portray your business cards as an attempt at irony, and you too can be a post-hardcore hipster.

    You mentioned the cards appearing to be more of a gray to you. Take a look at http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2798/4310312422_fab00b913d_o.png and see which areas show detail and which don’t – it’s possible that your browser is also set to a different color profile than mine, which is causing the distortion. Check http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4064/4460340307_065563b6c5_o.jpg and see how the blues and whites come out, too (both images are taken by me [and are going to be taken down in a few days, after you’ve looked at them – I prefer to keep physical, not online backups]).

    ((Honestly, though, there’s nothing wrong with the picture. I just feel critical today, haha))

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