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  1. nice drawing i like it i see many things where i come from my daughter makes good drawings this is a good drawing i like where the arms curve in the drawing the arms must be swaying back and forth because that is what they look like they are doing to you ever stand in the wind that isnt what would happen but you drew it like it would happen thats art because it made me think about art you have good drawing do you like to draw on paper and with pens

  2. did you get my last comment i commented about how i like the drawing youmade did you make that with a pencil and a paper or did you use a pen and a paper which would be different because i like it either way and it is a good drawing you did good drawing it i appreciate the drawing is the hair just lines or did you glue hair to the picture

  3. Hey Moppy,

    I personally love drawing in pens. I still have a lot to learn and as inks are permanent I must pay more attention to the creative process. When I make a mistake it stays in my mind forever and I, hopefully, will never make the same mistake twice. Once in a while I will draw in pencil and then ink it but that seems to only occur with multi-image projects.

    Thanks for the messages!,
    Ryan Zlomek

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