From reading the title you may be expecting a long and drawn out post about how awesome my pilates workout is. Sorry to disappoint, but today’s message is strictly an experiment in marketing.

As you may have heard, I will be a guest at the Hero Bot Con in Elmira, NY on October 8th (if you were unaware of this you either just stumbled upon my website or you have been wearing blinders for the past week). If you take a glance at my other posts it should become quite clear that I’m really excited about it.

I will be putting together a few limited prints for the occasion as well as some other nifty merchandise that you can easily take off of my hands with just a few measly green pieces of paper you probably have lying around in your parents’ wallet. In hopes of burning a hole in your pocket I’ve decided to give you a mild tease of one of the prints I will have at the show. Now, please prepare yourself for the top right corner of what I am tentatively titling “Print Number 1.”

If that doesn’t make you want to grab a coat hanger and rob the nearest ATM I don’t know what will.

Stay Inconspicuous,
Ryan Zlomek

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