I’m not sure how it was in the rest of the United States but today in Upstate NY it rained all day. Around 4:37 (or so the stove clock told me) the power at my cottage went out leaving me high and dry in regard to getting any online work done for my graduate program. Instead of pouting about it I decided to utilize caveman time to update my website.
Whereas most people require laptops and internet for their website updates I mostly rely on cheap printer paper and my glorious Pilot V7 pen. I hand drew every element that I knew I wanted on the background of my website from the letters welcoming people to my digital space to the caricature of myself holding a robot. Once the power came back on I quickly scanned my drawings, fiddled a bit in photoshop and then uploaded the background, and my new “face,” into cyber space. I figured since the website has been active for a little over a year it was time give it a revamp. Slowly but surely some other aspects of the site will be changing and perhaps even a new website or two is on the horizon. I bet all three of my devoted fans can’t wait to cue up some more RSS feeds with my name attached to them.

Stay Updated,

P.S. If you notice any issues with the updates or feel there is anything that needs heavy maintenance please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at ryan@ryanzlomek.com. I always appreciate the feedback.

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