Today in class one of my students was having trouble coming up with the subject and theme of her project. We had a group discussion about it and bounced around a few idea. After a dozen failed attempts we sat in silence for a few moments trying to think of new and better ideas when all of a sudden one of my more sarcastic students brilliantly vocalized “True Friendship Is Mutual Insanity.” This became an instant tag line for my class and I promised them I’d post about it on my site. What a good group of kids.

In the lighter world of Ryan Zlomek, I have officially started a sketchbook for “Crayon Work.” It’s a wonderful 11″ x 14″ dry media book and it will hopefully teach me to color between the lines as I never learned how to do that in kindergarten. Here is the first piece I created while day dreaming about singing in a Syracuse hardcore band:

If you look closely you can start to see the my second crayon experiment.

Thanks again for checking my site. You’ve been a wonderful audience.

Stay Rockin’,
Ryan Zlomek

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  1. i used to be in a band about hardcore they are a good music i like to sing because it is i like to do that and my favorite thing to do is sing i too old to sing now but i still sing did you draw this or take it is it you where did you do this drawing i used to sing alot what is syracore

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