I’ve only been back in Syracuse for about 48 hours. Already I’ve accomplished everything that I hoped to over my week long vacation. Last night I visited Strong Hearts Cafe which is a late night all vegan eatery that always manages to hit the spot. They have vegan milkshakes that will change your life (the chocolate and peanut butter combination is like drinking heaven in a glass). While slurping down my liquid delight I started sketching a picture on the back of a flier I had found earlier that day. After realizing what I had hoped to draw wasn’t going to happen I threw the image to the center of the table. One of my friends picked up the picture, added to it, then passed it around the table. After 15 minutes or so the following exquisite corpse was created:

Additional Art Credits:
Katie Newcomb
Jon-Michael Porter
Chris Zlomek

My friends rule. Thanks again for the help.

Stay Rockin Everybody,

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