…the kids in my digital photography classes are pretty cool.

Today was my first day back to teaching after a two week long vacation that consisted of vegan milkshakes, hardcore shows, family time, thrift stores, and an insane amount of traveling. Long story short, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about transitioning from my Chittenango/Syracuse (relaxed and resourceful) living situation back to my East Machias (professional and high stress) life.

I woke up at 6:30AM with crusted over eyes and a bad attitude that would make Mike Tyson jealous. I went to school, quietly ate my breakfast as everyone around me talked about their vacations then went to teach my first period class. I couldn’t shake the feeling and, at times, felt like I was letting my students down because I wasn’t giving it one hundred and ten percent. I kept to myself for the most of the day and ached for my fourth period class to end as soon as it started so I could go back to my room and sleep the foul mood away.

My students came in for fourth period and we started it off by talking about our vacations. I eventually lead that into a lighting demonstration and before I knew it the class had turned into a ridiculous photo studio. It’s amazing how something as simple as media creation with a group of eager high school kids could really turn my day around. I was re-energized after class in a way I hadn’t felt in a while. I went back to my room, collected my advisees, and we built a snowman outside for about half an hour.

Things may not be perfect here but at least I have the energy my students throw out.

Thanks again guys, class really brightened my day.

Here is one of the wonderful creations we made:

Until Next Time,
Ryan Zlomek

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