Animation Stands, Intervalometers, and The Search For A Live Feed

Hello Loyal Media Lovers, As tends to be my routine of late, I would like to apologize for the duration it has been since my last correspondence. Between teaching, music composition, homemaking, and adult normalcy I have not been able to update on much. But alas, I truly appreciate your continued interest in my media […]

Through The Eyes Of Cabin “Ehh” Screening – Thanks To All

Last week I was privledged enough to screen the current draft of my film Through The Eyes Of Cabin “Ehh”, a documentary about my 2009 experience at Camp Good Days And Special Times, to a crowd of over 60 people. This group, comprised of friends, family, CGD community members, and film aficionados, gave me just […]

In The 3rd Dimension

At the suggestion of one of my students I picked up a few 3doodlers for class. This little contraption prints PLA plastic like a hot glue gun in order to develop fun hand drawn 3D models. I have not sat down to draw in quite some time. I plugged this sucker in, waited until I […]

I Think I’m Waiting For May

I have struggled to draw something that seems to fit my mood as of late. This little diddy seemed to match up perfectly. It lacks self-awareness but is ready for business. Stay ‘Stached, Ryan

The Writing On The Walls

Some weekends are designed catch up on work. Some are designed to help you relax. Others are designed to help you rediscover old roots. This weekend fell into category three. Marathon was a hardcore band that played a ton around CNY in the early 2000s. I only caught them a few times but their catchy […]

Always Stretch Before Working Out

It has been quite a while since I’ve spent an afternoon drawing. I dedicated myself to spending my last day of vacation partaking in a sketch challenge that I assigned to my students. To get the fingers a little more nimble I hashed this little guy out. He is nowhere near the quality of my […]

A Clockwork Saturday

While I continue to uncover old drawings I have the urge to develop an illustration schedule. Classical conditioning for myself.

The Modern Eyore

With the snow scares piling up, and thanksgiving break around the corner, everything becomes my sketchbook.

Time Capsule

A recent impulse purchase has required me to pack up my house and move…to said impulse purchase. It is a really exciting time in the Wubulous World of Wyan Zwomek. My tagline in recent years has become “expect some great work in the near future” but I truly believe this is the first step to […]