After clicking the word “publish” I will have successfully posted two days in a row, that must be a record breaker for me.

I’m continuing with Exquisite Corpse and Will Eisner week by giving you lovely readers a few more drawings my students have created. If this just seems a little random please scroll down to yesterday’s post to read all about surrealism, it is a some riveting text.

Period 1 – Digital Photography And Media Arts

Period 2 – Video Production And Film Theory

Period 3 – Digital Photography And Media Arts

For Will Eisner Week I’ll leave you with a book suggestion.

In 1987, Eisner wrote and illustrated a graphic novel entitled The Building. This piece of work continued Eisner’s long running tradition of viewing a city as a leaving and breathing entity. The Building tells the story of one structure in New York City that was a staple in the lives of four separate people. Eisner takes you on an emotional journey as he educates with his images. He explains the life of each person and the role the building played. The Building is classic Eisner in all sorts of ways. His ability to view masses of people and still be able to pull stories from them is wonderful. His black and white drawings convey all the emotions. After reading the book you will reevaluate your life as images from the book linger in your mind for days. If you can’t tell, it’s one of my personal favorites.

Stay Rockin’,
Ryan Zlomek

P.S. Listen to Bad Cops

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