Since I started graduate school in the fall 2008 semester I have attended three separate colleges for three separate programs. At the current moment I’m attending two separate colleges located on two different campuses in hopes of attaining my MFA in Media Arts Production and my New York State Teaching Certification in Media Communication.

As I’m sure you can guess I spend a lot nights reading theoretical texts and writing papers rather than sleeping. I drive a total of 460 minutes each week just getting to class which has helped me develop a new method of making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while driving my car using only my knee (ta-da!).

I’m not intending to write this as a complaint. I’m proud to say that after 24 years I’m finally realizing how my brain processes information and I can feel myself growing. I finally learned how to learn and it is because works like this:

This may look like something that a 4 year old made but never fear, this is an original Ryan Zlomek painting (perhaps I’ll post it on ebay someday). I’m taking a curriculum development class in which every student is showcasing an activity that he or she has developed for their classroom. This piece was create while exploring hereditary finger painting.

As much as I may be kicking myself for not choosing to pursue teaching in a classroom this year, I am finding new ways to stay inspired. If you are ever feeling low and unmotivated just find a way to surround yourself with your peers in an environment that allows for open minds and fresh new ideas. I find this to be the perfect recipe for inspiration. It is also a great way to smash your fears of intellectuals and “traditional” education. Every cloud has a silver lining and this “hereditary finger painted masterpiece” was mine.

Now it is time to read and annotate one text book, write two papers, and go to bed when my family is getting ready for work.

Stay inspired,
Ryan Zlomek

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