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So it has been 5 months, 3 days, 5 hours, and 25 minutes since I started this website and finally I think it’s ready to show the world….or at least my five or so friends who will hopefully tell me it looks spiffy.

To anyone who doesn’t know me personally my name is Ryan Zlomek and I’m an independent filmmaker and amatuer comic writer who considers Chittenango, NY (a suburb of Syracuse, Ny) to be home.

This website is officially the official place to find out new information about my film and comic projects as well as other interesting resources I stumble upon that relate to what I enjoy doing. I’ll be updating this site regularly with images and videos of my work so either subscribe to my RSS feed or come visit regularly to see what is happening.

And Now For The Updates:

  1. I have accepted a job at Washington Academy in East Machias, ME and will be teaching digital photography and video production classes for the next ten months. Washington Academy is a private high school where the students live on campus and get educated all at the same time. If you’re one of my students get excited, it’s going to be an amazing year full of high fives and lots of creative energy. If you’re one of my concerned friends that always prayed they’d never hear “Ryan Zlomek” and “Classroom Management” mentioned in the same sentence have a little faith. I am a professional after all.
  2. This week I started production on my thesis film to complete my MFA in Media Arts Production. The currently untitled film is going to be a nice portrait of a week at Camp Good Days and Special Times, a summer camp I’ve been consistently attending since 1999. Camp Good Days is a camp for children with cancer and blood disorders located in Branchport, NY. I’m a little nervous as to what type of content I’m going to accumulate but it’s been a phenomenal filming experience thus far.
  3. An Invisible Idol, a documentary I started back in November 2008 about my Grandfather (Curtis Richter) is currently being reedited and I should hopefully have it ready for some film festivals by November 2009 (that could be a conservative estimate but a boy can dream).  Stay on the look out for snippets of it.
  4. Last but not least. My next animation project,The Life Of A Lefty, has been started in a ridiculously large notepad I purchased a few months ago. At about 15 frames (1.5 seconds) completed I only have 8,985 drawings to go. The film is going to be my first intensive Documentary Animation project focusing on the life of a left handed person and the way our dominate hand can alter how we are received in this cruel right handed world. It will be about 1000 times more cheery, playful, and fun than my previous sentence so get stoked!

With that said it’s time for me to make some dinner and fill out paperwork. Please come back and visit as I’m hoping to update at least once a week with exciting news.

Have a nice day and listening to The First Step (it’s guaranteed to get you jazzed),


Ryan Zlomek

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