Elmira’s Hero Bot Con is about 37 hours away and I am ready to wow all (or at least few) attendees.

I’ve spent the last week putting all of these items together and sadly my 1AM photographic skills are not doing them justice. But please, consider the following:

Door Number 1 – The Faces Print

Black and white print on heavy cardstock paper. This print can be showcased from any side you choose. When rotated, the print reveals new faces you may not have noticed from other viewing angles. This optical illustrated illusion will keep you entertained far more than MacGyver re-runs.

Door Number 2 – The Robot Battle Print

Black and white print on heavy cardstock. Pick your side to cheer for. Will you root for the aggressive champion or the heartfelt challenger? The power is yours.

Door Number 3 – The Stencil Robot Prints

Multi-layered spray painted print. Created using multiple homemade stencils these prints are one of kind. Each print comes in a different color scheme. Made with my own blood, sweat, and back pain.

Each set of prints is limited to 33 copies. Get ’em while they last.

Still to come: Homemade vegan pumpkin brownies with frosting sketches on top and hand painted cloth patches.

Get Stoked (That Means You Elmira!),
Ryan Zlomek

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