Hello Fellow “Artists,”

This will be a simple two part post:
1) I must apologize to anyone who has been habitually visiting my site in hopes of finding an update. Since I moved to Maine I have been filming at the beach as I planned to put together a small experimental video piece. Unfortunately between new employee training and my copy of Spider-man Maximum Carnage staring back at me I haven’t had a large chunk of time to edit. With that said hopefully in the upcoming week or so I might be able to make a piece exclusively for you lovely people who frequent the site. Subscribe to the RSS feed if you can and it’ll make the process a bit easier as a message will be sent to you whenever I post something new and exciting.

2) I’ve been putting together materials for my digital photography and video production classes at Washington Academy and figured I’d share something from them. I haven’t had the time to animate over the last few months so when I found the option to make my Class Rules pretty I jumped on it. Below is a shrunken down rules list that will be posted on my wall and discussed the first day of class. The actual poster is laminated and measures 9 inches by 12 inches. Washington Academy has potential Ebay GOLD on their walls and they don’t even know it.
Class Rules

My next post will be about my trip to Maine and the experience thus far. I’ve got some great photographs I’m pretty excited about sharing. Keep in touch and please don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions or comments.

Stay Rockin,

P.S. Feel free to send me hate mail if I take too long to post my next blog.

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    1. I don’t wear jeans bub. Isn’t a teacher allowed to own a pair of blue pants? You’ve been watching too many episodes of Gilmore Girls, you’re starting to sound like Lorelai bickering with one of her many romantic interests.

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