Betrayed, Better Than A Thousand, Beyond, And Billy Bragg.

This piece started off in my fourth period digital photography class as an example of animated movement. The stick figure was intended to kick the ball, nothing more & nothing less. Some five hours and 413 frames later the little man had managed to kidnap my evening.

[flv:/video/stickman.flv 432 324]

It seems the past few days haven’t yield the artistic results I’ve been hoping for. The images I intend to capture always seem to transform into some sub par conglomerates constructed from ideas floating around my head. I think the above animation demonstrates this perfectly. The “character” changes his mind every few moments as to what motion he wants to accomplish. If you watch carefully you can see him attempt to tap his foot but change his mind while being swallowed by the ball. These little moments happen in all of my animations but have never been this transparent. I’ll blame it on my ADD. No wonder my 30 grand offer hasn’t come through yet (that is still on the table for those of you with mass amounts disposable income).

I think this artistic lull is somehow determined by this time of year. Yesterday I took a look at the calender and realized that it had been exactly 12 years since I had my first snap back to reality. Starting my life as a sixth grader determined to focus on reaching goals hopefully will prevent me from having a mid-life crisis but hasn’t done much for my own happiness. I’m currently starring at a robot drawing I’ve been working on that looks like a cross between Wall-E and a minor villain from Mega Man and I’m a loss. What do regular people to keep themselves entertained and complacent with life?

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