In about 9 and a half hours I will be arriving at the Elks Lodge in Elmira for Hero Bot Con.

I apologize for focusing on this event so much in the past few weeks but I’m truly honored to have been invited to take part. As an artist often times you worry that your work goes unnoticed and that you remain the only individual able to connect to your creations. With that said, it has brought me great joy to know that others have familiarized themselves with my work and are as excited about it as I am. I also feel like this has forced me to step up my game and really explore some new artistic territory and I am pleased to say the results have been delightful.

Tonight the long awaited pumpkin brownies were baked and decorated. Each square has a mini-sketch on top drawn with tasty melted chocolate. No hydrogenated oils in these babies.

I love the way they came out and with any luck some of the lovely fans will too.

With that, all of my items are packed and ready to go. I’ve got my prints, patches, brownies, animations, sketchbooks, and pencil/pen case all excited to see the lights of the Elks Lodge.

Until then I should probably get some sleep and reserve some energy. Tomorrow is gonna get wacky. If you stop by the show please don’t hesitate to say “Hi,” “Hello,” or “Aloha” and request a high five or a sketch.

Stay Excitable,
Ryan Zlomek

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