Over the summer I became intrigued with the concept of a video sketch book. This basic idea consists of all the fun small editing assignments a filmmaker does to re-familiarize themselves with their editing program. Typically this footage is thrown away into digital space as the content is not saved and therefore disappears forever.

I was hoping to use this website as a constantly updated video sketchbook but as I’m working two full-time jobs plus graduate school I haven’t had much time to mess around with my video editor. Thankfully, the project I am assigning to my kids tomorrow (get stoked class) involves a demonstration with Windows Movie Maker and tonight I threw something together.

Please be aware that the following images were taken on a 3 megapixel camera from 2002 to create a film that had to be saved through Windows Movie Maker then transferred to Adobe Media Encoder to become a .flv file. Basically, this made the images not nearly as wonderful to look at. Either way, here is a video sketchbook representation of my transition to living in Maine. :
[flv:/video/mylifeinmaine.flv 432 332]

Theme: Living here can take beautiful things and make them unpredictable and visually uncomfortable.

Hopefully I’ll finish my film In Blackest Night sometime in the near future and will be able to post a portion of it so check back soon!

Stay Rockin!,
Ryan Zlomek

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