Animation Stands, Intervalometers, and The Search For A Live Feed

Hello Loyal Media Lovers, As tends to be my routine of late, I would like to apologize for the duration it has been since my last correspondence. Between teaching, music composition, homemaking, and adult normalcy I have not been able to update on much. But alas, I truly appreciate your continued interest in my media […]

White Boards and Impressionable Minds

One of my favorite things about teaching stop-motion animation is that I have an excuse to flex those creative muscles again. I haven’t been able to sit down and crank out an Unconscious Animation in quite some time. Today, while teaching my students about onion skins, frame rates, and the importance of material preferences, I […]

I’ve Got 99 Problems But My Prints Ain’t 1

Elmira’s Hero Bot Con is about 37 hours away and I am ready to wow all (or at least few) attendees. I’ve spent the last week putting all of these items together and sadly my 1AM photographic skills are not doing them justice. But please, consider the following: Door Number 1 – The Faces Print […]

Elmira Hero Bot Con 2011

A few weeks ago I drove down to Elmira, NY to pick up a friend before heading to Baltimore for their annual comic book convention. We ran through the typical routine of organizing our comics by author/artist/inker, ranking the order in which we’d like to meet the different guests, and ensuring that we had enough […]

I’ve Got MASS Potential, How About You?

For the past few months I have been focusing all of my attention on academics and the artist side of me has been put on hold. As of today those roles will reverse, at least for a week. A piece I recently created entitled In Blackest Night will be on display from today (Tuesday April […]

I’m Giving Up My Career As A Personal Trainer

This weekend I attended the 2010 Festival Of Cartoon Art at Ohio State University. The conference happens once every three years in Columbus, OH and is sponsored by the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum which is a phenomenal facility dedicated to comic arts education and research. I had been planning for this conference for […]

I Ain’t No Winsor McCay

I still have trouble grasping the concepts of basic anatomy, expressive anatomy, facial expressions, horizon lines, proper contrast, erasing, perspective, shading, patience, tool selection, steady hands, scaling, vanishing points, objects in space, shot composition, and a slew of other things. BUT, I now have my studio set up so I can crank out images like […]

A Special Holiday All For Me…and Antonio Banderas

Today I thought about a time When I was proud of my accomplishments, Even if they were objectives No one Truly considered worthwhile for You. For whatever reason this One marks the year when I truly Understand how to balance my hopes and relationships Responsibly Happy Birthday To Me! Expect more absurd creations as my […]

MAJOR UPDATE! Ithacon and more…

For the last two weeks I’ve spent all of my “free time” in my classroom editing my latest documentary Ithacon. The film covers the Ithacon which is an annual comic book convention that is celebrating its thirty-fifth anniversary. I interviewed five individuals at this year’s show and combined it with another interview and some footage […]

“True Friendship Is Mutual Insanity”

Today in class one of my students was having trouble coming up with the subject and theme of her project. We had a group discussion about it and bounced around a few idea. After a dozen failed attempts we sat in silence for a few moments trying to think of new and better ideas when […]